Welcome to the TB-T website!
Our main objectives are license management and business preparations on the international level.
In consideration of risk minimization, we enable companies that wish to pursue an active business policy in our current target countries (Germany, Egypt, Iran, Morocco, North Iraq and United Arab Emirates, UK, USA), to “cautiously approach” the target market. As a ,Contracting Firm` the TB-T Company has specialised in establishing international business contacts.
We bring businessmen of several different countries together and help them, by our professional commitment, with the development, processing and management of interesting new business models. We work out for you all the steps of business development in a continuous process, starting with marketing prospects and markets, followed by an analysis of business, customers and competition up to the complete development of a business model. Taking advantage of all of the energetic effects, we enable you to establish trustful business relations abroad. Regarding subject matters, our core competences lay in the field of information technology as well as in the broad subject of diverse environmental technologies. On a long term basis we plan cross-divisional projects.
Information technology
Within the IT sector, TB-T has specialised in mobile applications such as WLAN, wireless billing systems and hotspots among other things. We constantly integrate new, future oriented IT solutions into our product range, that is particularly interesting for the hotel industry, airports, shopping arcades and industrial areas.
Environmental technology
Within the field of environmental technology, TB-T focuses mainly on projects that have to do with water, agriculture, clay building as well as renewable energies as primary energy sources.
These are for instance solar energy products, that are conducive for more efficient and economic ways of air-conditioning, cooling and heating systems as well as steam production and steam supply.
We can convince with effective solutions, which increase the efficiency of the building´s energy-balance, avoid hydraulic problems and offer many more striking arguments.
The product is an cylindrical gathering and distribution system, developed by Mr. Rembert Zortea and called Zortstroem.
You can find more information about Zortstroem on the English web site of Zortea Gebaeudetechnik GmbH: